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Effectiveness of soda?


1, soda water is weak alkaline. The human body environment is weakly alkaline. We eat a lot of meat and fish every day, which are acidic foods. Therefore, there is a need for acid-base balance. Then, eating more alkaline food is good for health.

2, soda is good for the stomach, because soda can neutralize stomach acid. If the stomach acid secretion is low then long-term consumption of soda can also cause harm.

3, soda yo main language to relieve indigestion and constipation symptoms.

4, beauty: soda has antioxidant effect, can prevent skin aging. Lemon + soda: helps to increase appetite, prevent skin aging, beauty and beauty.

5, homemade shampoo, lemon twist into juice with soda to make shampoo, and then according to the number of times you wash your hair on a regular basis, with soda lemon water to clean hair, without adding any chemical substances containing hair care products. Especially after swimming at the beach to remove the sand, salt and dirt in the hair, so that you can ensure that the entire care process green natural not hurt the hair.

6, soda skin care, morning and evening wash with soda can soften the rough skin, accelerate the dead skin off, and then into your daily care process this procedure can make the skin becomes fresh, smooth, easier to absorb moisturizers.